Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lawsuit? LVMH vs Perfume Blogger

Guerlain attacked me!, 1000 Fragrances, posted Tuesday, June 23, 2009

(Added on June 24th, 2009) Here's my own current conclusion: I don't know how to judge this situation since the blogger himself hasn't been clear as to what exactly the charge against him was. Apparently, this is not a libel case at all, but some copyright issue, which leads me to believe this is about an image he posted which Guerlain asked to have taken down back in April, to which he hadn't complied, and the whole thing got out of hand when LVMH saw no other way to fix the problem except to intimidate him through lawyers. What can I say? Of course freedom of speech is important, but the creepy paparazzi that sold the photo of Michael Phelps smoking weed could say his right to take the photo and sell it is freedom of speech, too, and I would still think he's a creep.

So, maybe this LVMH vs Perfume Blogger case was a bit blown out of proportion. Blog on, perfumistas. I AM NOT INTIMIDATED and will continue to write what I think.


(Added on June 24, 2009) In reading the comments under the thread at 1000 Fragrances, it seems the problem LVMH had with the blogger was with unwrapping the project before the launch date, and the company didn't want the image of the bottle leaked. That is understandable and I would have obliged even if it wasn't an actual legal case, but if that was all there was to it, why the gag order now to put all posts regarding Guerlain - Coty Idylle down? There are 3 of them, and if we're still talking about the image being leaked before the launch date, the official ads are running now and everyone's seen the bottle as a final product by now. To be continued...


(July 23, 2009) Perfume bloggers can not have any freedom of creative expression anymore without it being considered libel. Perfume is an art form, and we perfume lovers reserve the right to interpret the images and scents they present us with in our own subjective ways thorugh creative writing. If this blogger felt the concept of the new Guerlain Idylle is too similar to his perception of the original Coty Idylle (pictured at left, bottle by Lalique, created in 1910-1911, 1000 Fragrances), that's one person's honest opinion (based on some historical fact, since they do share the same name). The only reason I see for LVMH jumping on him is that they seem to actually have something to hide, and that's sad, because I always trusted them to have some scruples and respect for the perfume community which helps more than hurts global sales and promotion of their products, history and reputation. Are they going after every single reviewer on the internet if they think the new Idylle bottle looks like Calvin Klein Secret Obsession, too? Or if they think the perfume itself smells like something they know already, which it probably will?

We're in the last days of the Perfumista Era.



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