Sunday, July 05, 2009

Dear Boomers - Love, Gen X

I dedicate this post to all of the wonderful boomers who came out to attack Michael Jackson's music in the wake of his death. Thank you for kicking us in the teeth while we were down. We'll always remember how we felt during this time, and remember you collectively as the caricature above. You should know most people, even in your generation, have moved on since 1979 - all except for the most closeminded, ignorant wastes among you. (Even Steve Dahl himself has admitted to "really liking Thriller" in his blog entry, which goes to show people can evolve after 30 years.)

Why 'Disco sucks!' sucked - The Music Blog,

1979: Disco Sucks! - Jahsonic

Pop View; Rock vs. Disco: Who Really Won the War? by John Rockwell, The New York Times, Published: Sunday, September 16, 1990

Guess what? Rock bands use drum machines and synthesizers! Rock bands hire studio musicians to play tracks, and some of them might not look like people you stereotypically envision as rockers! Some bands are produced by producers who cross genres (example: Producer extraordinaire Nile Rodgers, who in the 1970s was told by music companies that his band can't be signed because black artists can't play rock. Discrimination like this was the norm, and in many ways, it still is! I'm no Nile Rodgers but likewise, I was told by A&R in the late '80s that the Japanese can't sing rock - which explains why I market easier under New Wave). Why, some of us even listen to a mixture of rock and disco! Egads! Go have a conniption, but the music you despise, and the mixing of genres, will rule our future.


Related article: I disagree with this author that Michael Jackson didn't have a good tone, as I hear a bell when he sings, and with that level of control (more so than Elvis - sorry), believe him to be a singer's singer, but tone is subjective, and I still appreciate the unique perspective - Michael Jackson: The First Punk, the King at Last by Tom Junod, Esquire, June 26, 2009 (PS: Generation Jones aka cusper is still a boomer - don't even try it!)

The voice of the young: Truth of Youth: Who will take Michael Jackson's throne as the new King of Pop?
- The News Review, July 6, 2009 (Jonas Brothers - yes, indeed; they are very talented)

Added on July 8, 2009: "And later that day, CNN's contributor Jeffrey Toobin replied to Sharpton's statement by saying, "Give me a break." And it struck me that the Sharpton statement ...juxtaposed with the Toobin response serving almost as a "reach out" to mainstream White America to let them know that someone was prepared to go after this saintly image of Michael Jackson being constructed, clearly demonstrated the racial divide that still exists in this country ..." Michael Jackson: A Final Remembrance by Carl Jeffers, Huffington Post, July 8, 2009