Saturday, July 04, 2009

Guerlain Les Voyages Olfactifs: Paris-Moscou-Tokyo-New York

Sorry for the long hiatus, but like many of you, I've been feeling gutted since Michael Jackson's passing, and only today have I really had my schnoz back. First of all, Happy July 4th! I'm pleased to announce I've discovered some exciting new fragrances, all of them from the legendary House of Guerlain. I'm going to briefly review each fragrance in the Guerlain Les Voyages Olfactifs (2009) line; these are 3 new scents dedicated to three olfactive voyages, beginning in Paris and landing in destinations Moscow, Tokyo and New York. Close your eyes and imagine taking off on a vacation of a lifetime...

Read on at today's Examiner article: Guerlain Les Voyages Olfactifs (2009): Paris-Moscou-Tokyo-New York

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