Friday, July 17, 2009

Pat Buchanan on Reverse Racism

"Who was injured, whose rights violated, because, for 67 years, men could take an afternoon off at Burning Tree to hit a golf ball around 18 holes and down a few martinis? What self-respecting woman would want to invade this men's club, when it was evident the men did not want her there?" What would Pat Buchanan have to say to get himself fired from MSNBC?, Media Matters, June 08, 2009

By Pat Buchanan's logic, bigotry is not practiced by those who want to preserve the old boys club, but by those who don't love themselves enough to stick to their own kind, and stay within the parameters of their assigned roles in society. That's some spin, but will it continue to work?

Buchanan on Sotomayor: Rachel Maddow Duels With Pat Buchanan On Affirmative Action (VIDEO) - Huffington Post, 07-16-09