Saturday, August 22, 2009

Kat Von D Sinner (2009 New Launch and Fragrance Review)

Are you a Kat Von D Saint or Sinner? These brand new scents by Los Angeles based tattoo artist Kat Von D are sort of a buzz right now, and I, too, wanted to know what kinds of scents would be assigned to names like Saint and Sinner. What kinds of notes say "innocence" or "naughty" to you? If you happen to order anything from Sephora, include the code VIBKVD and receive free samples of Kat Von D Saint and Sinner fragrances (twist cap glass vials like the Jo Malone sample vials, on a card). I don't know how long this offer will last, but in case you miss the deal by the time you find this article, these scents would be easy to test at a Sephora store, or you can get the sleek and convenient little roll-ons online. The sample card I received from Sephora came with the two glass vials which are unmarked except to say "Fragrance #A" or "Fragrance #B". They ask you to guess which is which, Saint or Sinner (the answers are on the card). Sephora has even set up a quiz on Facebook for those of you who want to see which scent character fits you best. Like the Benefit Crescent Row Collection, this fragrance debut by Kat Von D feels fun and exciting to be part of, like an interactive game of sorts.

Today, I'll start with a brief review of Sinner. Check out the buzz: Kat Von D Sinner (2009 New Launch and Fragrance Review)

Added 9/01/2009: Click here for my review of Kat Von D Saint!