Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall 2009 Top 10 List

September 24, 2009: I realized this month that my current favorite rose musks with patchouli bases, Givenchy Very Irrésistible and Lanvin Rumeur, both owe their inspiration to Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, recently named by The New York Times (correction - my apologies: NY Daily News - link to report by Sherryl Connelly) one of the world's bestselling perfumes alongside N°5 and Britney Spears scents. I like the fresh Fruity (peachy-orangey) patchouli-based nouveau Chypre pioneer, Coco Mademoiselle (a flanker to the original Coco (1984) also by master perfumer Jacques Polge), but I prefer the less orange-spice themed later incarnations. Although this rose musk (blended with white florals and almost always patchouli) accord is the current trend, I love the particular idiosyncracies of these two current personal favorites: Very Irrésistible for its rockin' dark pink berries to add a slightly nouveau goth flavor but still keep it pretty, and Rumeur for its gorgeous magnolia top notes and a romantic, idealistic heart of white rose hidden behind a "hard" (androgynously woody, boozy) exterior.

Also, I'm in a Men's Gourmand fragrance phase, loving notes like chocolate (actual listed notes or perceived ones), lime and rum. By rum, I don't mean bay rum like the boozy note in Ysatis or the headshop oil, but this milky, tropical coconut drink-like note (maybe a bit suntan oil-like, too...I'm thinking "tropical beachy") as found in Guerlain Homme, my "lime-and-a-coconut chocolate woodsy Autumn in New York but my mind is elsewhere" love, and also in Straight to Heaven by Kilian (also a wonderful scent: less fresh, much heavier, darker, spicy, dry, extra patchoulified take). I just got a small bottle of Guerlain Homme for myself, my utterly delish holy grail and my first Men's fragrance (unless you count 4711, Fumerie Turque, the Creed scents - so I like a lot of "guy" scents, like I love hard-hitting music featuring meaningful musical passages and virtuosity of its performers, aka "guy" music, even though "guy" is subjective and often synonymous with "doesn't suck"). I haven't forgotten Dior Homme, a well-tempered iris-cocoa for Men, which also smells like Guerlain Homme (and Iris Ganache by the same perfumer). I love these semi-Gourmands for Men the way I love the Fruity Florals for Women: the ones I love all smell good enough for me to wear.

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