Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stella McCartney, Stella and StellaNude

Stella by Stella McCartney (2003) is another gorgeous rose musk with a patchouli base, along the lines of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle in structure but actually closer to Narciso Rodriguez for Her, launched in the same year featuring rose (with other floral notes) on an ambery-woody (patchouli) Egyptian musk base. Stella is, in essence, a rose perfume, but one with a subtle nouveau Chypre nuance. Compared to Narciso Rodriguez for Her, also a beautiful scent but the more Chypre and musk-centric (also animalic) sister, the dry down is rosier and lighter, placing Stella in the Floral olfactive family. Another example of a similar type of scent that's more obviously Chypre is Lanvin Rumeur, which has a more leathery, traditionally perfumey feel. I love Stella because the rose in it is very fresh, similar to the rose I find in Penhaligon's Elisabethan Rose, Les Parfums de Rosine Ecume de Rose or Un Zeste de Rose, and because the overall composition is both sophisticated enough for night and fresh enough for day. It's a fresh yet deep, almost soliflore but slightly fruity and soft rose that can be worn for most occasions all year long. Youthful yet elegant, it's definitely a new classic.

As with most new classics, Stella has many flanker scents, and notable among these is the new StellaNude. Please read the review at this link: Stella McCartney, Stella and StellaNude (2009 New Launch and Review)

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