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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame

Who doesn't love a good Shirley Temple? Ma Dame is my new Happy.

Seriously, this is a wonderful scent. Please see my review: Featured Review: Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame (2008)

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Guerlain Idylle

We know modern ceases to be modern when it stops being progressive. When modern has been overly institutionalized and looks more like neoclassical, postmodern takes the progressive role. This Nariciso Rodriguez for Her accord was new in 2003, but today, it's as mainstream as Fruity Florals and vanillic Gourmands. Guerlain Idylle (2009) compared to these seems ultra refined and perfected - the shiny new "back to the classics" ideal...

Please read the review at this link: Guerlain Idylle (2009) - A Teardrop from Venus


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fred Kimmel Space - CD Launch & Release Party, Sat. October 24, 2009

"Fred Kimmel - Into You
Elements of Nine Inch Nails and Celldweller can be found in this grungy, thrashing electronic ode to lust." - Keyboard Magazine - August 2009 - Unsigned Artist Of The Month

CD release party of Fred Kimmel – Space (2009 ASCAP Wuj Productions)

Launch details:
October 24th 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM
The Starving Artist Café and Gallery
249 City Island Ave
Bronx, NY
No cover, all ages

Downloads available at

To purchase Fred Kimmel Space ahead of the launch date:
Click to go to CD Baby

Album Notes
The space between you and me, my headspace, the space we share, and the outer limits of our minds, where space becomes infinite. It is gravity that brings us together. We are all in Space, until we find each other, come closer and connect, spinning and spiraling endlessly into the space we call Love.

Fred Kimmel is now unleashing Space on the masses to hear his vision as an artist. This is a album of songs that reaches deep into your soul and pulls out those thoughts, dreams, emotions that you’ve been searching for. Fred Kimmel’s Space is not only a collection of amazing songs. It's a journey for your mind, body and spirit.

“Look in the mirror then you'll know”. Always Beautiful sends the most important message of all, reminding you that you are always beautiful. “Beautiful people never know”

Into You, Take Me and Oh Yeah are those visions of lust that occupy your daydreams and night dreams more than most will ever admit.

Jazz Bad contains the most amazing scat singing performance you've ever heard, by Sali Oguri with the most unconventional backing. It is the duet of Sali Oguri and Godzilla.

Riverflow is a beautiful song with sonic and musical textures of water, reminding us that no matter how far up or down you go in life, life will flow on like a river. Enjoy the ride.

Presumptuous - What a great word

Believe - The politician and the preacher keep telling me to do this every day.

Oh Lord Oh Lord - Oh Lord - Oh Lord

Dance All Day - I recommend that everyone dance all day, especially at work, when the boss, or the client or customer is really p***ing you off. What better way to break the ice? Everybody needs a shakey, shakey, shake.

ICU - I See You - What is it with the letters?

The Clock Burned Down - When you are all alone in the cage, remember to smile when you see the tiger jumping through the flaming hoop.

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

L'Eau par Kenzo Eau Indigo

Please follow the link to my latest review at The Examiner: Featured Review: Kenzo L'Eau par Kenzo Eau Indigo (2009)

Kenzo fragrances are generally well-respected within the perfume circles, revered as a mainstream line with niche aesthetics. On my latest Sephora run, I fell in love with one of their newest offerings, a Spring 2009 launch and flanker scent called Kenzo L'Eau par Kenzo Eau Indigo. I couldn't remember the name of it, so I had to use a search engine to come across it again; this is the unfortunate thing about flanker names - had it been simply called Kenzo Indigo, I think I would've remembered it better. Anyway, this is nothing at all like the original L'Eau par Kenzo, which was a very light Marine Floral, as light, transparent and aqueous cool as Cool Water or Roxy. L'Eau par Kenzo Eau Indigo smells more suited for evening or cold weather wear, perfect right now as it's gotten pretty cool here in New York City.

L'Eau par Kenzo Eau Indigo features a decadent and sunny orange blossom and Sambac jasmine heart, on a thick ambergris-tonka-musk base. Because it's a very marshmallow sweet, low-pitched, densely powdery scent, I could see it's not for everyone, possibly being cloying for people who tend to get nauseated by very rich, sweet, heavy blends (and it's very musky, the kind of scent that lingers). As for me, this is a bit sweeter than I usually like my sweet fumes - if it had more woody notes, it could give Pink Sugar a run for its money. Oh, but this is no ordinary musk; it excites me and comforts me at the same time, and I've gotta get a bottle of it soon. If I'm to compare, it reminds me of a niche fragrance by Etat Libre d'Orange called Divin'enfant, a hypersweet ambrette musk and orange blossom blend. It also reminds me of Tanya Sarne Ghost, so if you appreciate base-heavy, sensual blends, this might be right up your alley.

Sugary yet dark, with a soft and pillowy texture, this is my kind of comfort scent. Maybe I could call it a comfort scent with a kick, or a hauntingly mysterious one. I really wish it had been launched as a new fragrance and not a flanker, because aside from the unmemorable name, the sporty bottle doesn't do anything for me, either. A perfume this wonderful deserves an exciting bottle of its own, but we buy for the juice inside, not the bottle, right? Kenzo has a winner here in my opinion, but please go sniff and decide for yourself; the love of perfume, like food, is completely dependent on individual taste, and it can't be predicted by reading opinions and notes alone. There's one more thing I'd like to add, that Sephora lists it under Floral, but to my nose, this is certainly a Floral Oriental. It's too bad they don't have such a category in their Fragrance Finder.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Winter 2009 - Nina Ricci Nina Precious Swarovski

Pearly-opaque and metallic pink, this new winter Holiday 2009 limited edition of Nina by Nina Ricci is adorned with Swarovski crystals. It looks very pretty in this photo, enough to want to hang on a Christmas tree. As for the scent itself, it remains one of my all-time favorite perfumes...

Please visit The Examiner for this report and brief review: Winter 2009 - Nina Ricci Nina Precious Swarovski


Children are known to have much more sensitive taste buds than adults, which is why every culture has mild versions of everyday cuisines for them (I remember my mother made us traditional Japanese-style curried rice for kids, with extra milky sweet curry sauce, no heat). It's a fairly simple explanation, that people who prefer bland foods and scents are more sensitive, and experience those tastes and smells more intensely. Likewise, if our preference tends to be more bland than others', it might be because we're "supertasters"...or "supersmellers" in our case. Read more about supertasters on Wikipedia.

We so often dismiss young or bland taste, as a sign of being uncultured, but could it be that "evolved taste" has more to do with decreasing senses of taste and smell than with the inability to recognize the finer things in life?

OK - how do we explain people who think drums in rock or dance tracks are too loud? Now, there's a taste issue...j/k. ;-p

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bvlgari pour Femme

Bulgari (stylized as Bvlgari) pour elegant and subtle Aldehydic Floral blend, like an updated Van Cleef & Arpels First (1976) or Balenciaga Le Dix (1947)...a beautifully constructed fragrance, combining coarse and soft elements in a smooth and balanced composition, seamless from top to bottom, as lustrous as a pearl...Please read on at this link: Featured Review: Bvlgari pour Femme

Monday, October 05, 2009

Juicy Couture Couture Couture

Juicy Couture, with their sweet, saucy, all-out-feminine scents and in-your-face subversive ad campaign, continues to rock the fragrance world.

The report is in: Juicy Couture Couture Couture - New Launch and Review

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Juicy Couture

Please visit the link to see today's featured review: Featured Review: Juicy Couture

From Hollywood to Long Island, Juicy Couture and its valley girl casual ambience is my idea of an All-American brand, with emphasis on the sunny So Cal style. Juicy Couture (2006) perfume smells like I would expect a perfume from them to smell: like strawberries and tuberose, but it's a bit more complex than that. The listed notes are: watermelon, mandarin, pink passionfruit, marigold, green apple, water hyacinth, crushed leaves, tuberose absolute, wild rose, princess lily, caramel crème brulée, vanilla, precious woods and patchouli. When I first sampled it, I thought it smelled overwhelmingly chalky along the lines of Hypnose or Chanel Chance, but upon second try, it's more of an aqueous floral to me, closer to the feeling and quality of Hugo Boss, Liz Claiborne or Chloé, but a touch richer with sweeter base notes. The sillage is pleasant, a bit fresh-sporty and transparent but just candy-sweet enough, reminding me of orange blossom, but with a beachy, breezy attitude. On the whole, it's a very, very good, young and sexy mall scent, and I can see why it's extraordinarily popular. The sex appeal of Juicy Couture is up there in my mind with the Giorgio Beverly Hills brand and also of Gale and Fred Hayman fragrances; it's bound to be another new cult classic along the lines of Giorgio Beverly Hills of the '80s but with a lighter feel. It's on the synthetic side, but if it were more gourmand-sweet, it could almost be Vera Wang Princess. Please stay tuned for my review of Juicy Couture Couture Couture (2009), coming soon. (Added on 10/5/09: link to Juicy Couture Couture Couture)

Friday, October 02, 2009

Gen X Rising - the New Shift in Retail

Retailers turn away from baby boomers, focus on younger customers - by Mercedes Cardona, Daily Finance, Oct 1st 2009, does this mean we're going to start admitting that the '80s had great music like Def Leppard and Ratt? Like, good music didn't stop in 1979?

Incidentally, I liked the latest JC Penney catalog, and got one of those stretch skinny jeans. Yeah, those skinny jeans people said would be out of style like 2 years ago but never went away. Why? Because people like myself wear whatever the hell we want, and we decide what we like enough to buy. To tune into our taste means retailers and marketing teams need to drop their biases against the stuff we like. So, institutions are teaching young minds that postmodernism is crap? Those days are over, baby. This is going to be interesting.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods

Twilight's such a pretty name, isn't it? I only have the mini-sized lotion of this new scent by Bath & Body Works, and I probably should try the EDT when it comes out, just to confirm my impressions of this fragrance, but if I may share my initial thoughts on it, this isn't going to be a bed of roses...

Read on at this link: Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods - New Launch and Review