Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fred Kimmel Space - CD Launch & Release Party, Sat. October 24, 2009

"Fred Kimmel - Into You
Elements of Nine Inch Nails and Celldweller can be found in this grungy, thrashing electronic ode to lust." - Keyboard Magazine - August 2009 - Unsigned Artist Of The Month

CD release party of Fred Kimmel – Space (2009 ASCAP Wuj Productions)

Launch details:
October 24th 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM
The Starving Artist Café and Gallery
249 City Island Ave
Bronx, NY
No cover, all ages


Downloads available at www.fredkimmel.com

To purchase Fred Kimmel Space ahead of the launch date:
Click to go to CD Baby

Album Notes
The space between you and me, my headspace, the space we share, and the outer limits of our minds, where space becomes infinite. It is gravity that brings us together. We are all in Space, until we find each other, come closer and connect, spinning and spiraling endlessly into the space we call Love.

Fred Kimmel is now unleashing Space on the masses to hear his vision as an artist. This is a album of songs that reaches deep into your soul and pulls out those thoughts, dreams, emotions that you’ve been searching for. Fred Kimmel’s Space is not only a collection of amazing songs. It's a journey for your mind, body and spirit.

“Look in the mirror then you'll know”. Always Beautiful sends the most important message of all, reminding you that you are always beautiful. “Beautiful people never know”

Into You, Take Me and Oh Yeah are those visions of lust that occupy your daydreams and night dreams more than most will ever admit.

Jazz Bad contains the most amazing scat singing performance you've ever heard, by Sali Oguri with the most unconventional backing. It is the duet of Sali Oguri and Godzilla.

Riverflow is a beautiful song with sonic and musical textures of water, reminding us that no matter how far up or down you go in life, life will flow on like a river. Enjoy the ride.

Presumptuous - What a great word

Believe - The politician and the preacher keep telling me to do this every day.

Oh Lord Oh Lord - Oh Lord - Oh Lord

Dance All Day - I recommend that everyone dance all day, especially at work, when the boss, or the client or customer is really p***ing you off. What better way to break the ice? Everybody needs a shakey, shakey, shake.

ICU - I See You - What is it with the letters?

The Clock Burned Down - When you are all alone in the cage, remember to smile when you see the tiger jumping through the flaming hoop.