Friday, October 02, 2009

Gen X Rising - the New Shift in Retail

Retailers turn away from baby boomers, focus on younger customers - by Mercedes Cardona, Daily Finance, Oct 1st 2009, does this mean we're going to start admitting that the '80s had great music like Def Leppard and Ratt? Like, good music didn't stop in 1979?

Incidentally, I liked the latest JC Penney catalog, and got one of those stretch skinny jeans. Yeah, those skinny jeans people said would be out of style like 2 years ago but never went away. Why? Because people like myself wear whatever the hell we want, and we decide what we like enough to buy. To tune into our taste means retailers and marketing teams need to drop their biases against the stuff we like. So, institutions are teaching young minds that postmodernism is crap? Those days are over, baby. This is going to be interesting.