Saturday, November 07, 2009

Anna Sui Rock Me!

Please visit today's featured review: Anna Sui Rock Me! (2009): New Launch and Fragrance Review

The modern interpretation of the ambience, if not the spirit, of Woodstock and the golden age of rock 'n' roll, can be felt in Anna Sui Rock Me! (2009), a new Fruity Floral housed in a bottle shaped as a guitar in brightly colored shades, bringing a "Carlos Santana" mystical vibe to the nostalgic presentation. But you won't smell any meditational, Eastern - New Age - headshop patchouli or sandalwood - smoky, resinous, mystical incense - here. Anna Sui Rock Me!, like many newer brands of rock, is clean, polished and produced to perfection. The scent, although mainstream, appeals to me, and I'm convinced lovers of Prescriptives Calyx (1986) would find something familiar in Rock Me!, a crisp scent with a Green bend that's equal parts fruity and floral. The fruitiness isn't what I imagine to be the strawberry incense-filled air of the legendary Haight-Ashbury scene, but a sharp, fresh citric scent, with what smells to me like a touch of apple. Energized as an electric guitar and fuzz box, the zingy, juicy peach-berry-citric floral is also reminiscent of many favorites of mine over the years: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue (2001), Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Charms, Creed Spring Flower (1996) and Jean Patou Un Amour de Patou (1998), my go-to scent for almost every occasion back in the early 2000s or so. It's actually a rather dainty and elegant Fruity Floral, a bit on the sweet side but for me, not overwhelmingly so. It's much less sweet compared to Anna Sui's first fragrance. Perfect for daytime, this high-pitched composition has a hint of something aqueous making it smell modern and just a bit sporty.

I detect spice in here as well, something low-pitched and intense, perhaps a Marachino cherry note somewhere. It makes a good and logical follow-up to previous Anna Sui fragrances, particularly Dolly Girl on the Beach (2006) which to me smells almost identical to Light Blue, one of the world's leading bestsellers which, when it was launched, I swore smelled like a muskier (more baby powdery) version of my favorite Creed in the hot pink bottle. Anna Sui Rock Me! comes closer to the Spring Flower scent than even Versace Bright Crystal (2006), but there's kinship between those two newer fragrances as well. I'm not sure I'd buy this for myself, simply because it reminds me of so many I've worn, many which have inspired my own perfume creation called Pink Manhattan, a zingy-juicy peach white floral on a soft French Vanilla-skin musk base, but if I could dress up a Christmas tree or Chanukah bush with perfume, I'd turn it into a funky Anna Sui psychedelic guitar flacon shrine - tattoo art butterflies, peace signs and all.