Saturday, November 14, 2009

La Prairie Life Threads: Platinum, Gold and Silver

Swiss skin care line La Prairie has launched a new trio of fragrances called La Prairie Life Threads: Platinum, Gold and Silver (2009). Earlier launches by the line had proven to be pleasant but thoroughly mainstream offerings - Silver Rain, a spicy white floral blend, and Midnight Rain, a patchouli-based gourmand vanillic woody Oriental (in my mind similar to Estée Lauder Pleasures Delight or Britney Spears Fantasy). These new scents seem to have taken more risks, proving to be an exciting new direction for the mainstream / department store market, one that comes across as being more niche in aesthetic. I can't comment on the bottle since I haven't seen it in person, but I have a very nice copy of the bonus CD, a song also called "Life Threads" by New York based folk musician Lucy Kaplansky ( Here, I must tangent off a little...Dear La Prairie, how about a musical collaboration of Ms. Kaplansky with New York based singer Sali Oguri one day? Folk blended with my junk: Alternative-Electro-Rock-Pop whatever...why not? Please check out Pink Manhattan CD and Perfume dual launch called Pink Manhattan Song and Scent Sensorium (2005) at We New Yorkers gotta stick together! Now, I will briefly summarize each La Prairie Life Threads scent, saving the best (my favorite) for last.

Please see my reviews of Platinum, Gold and Silver at today's Examiner article: New Launch and Review: La Prairie Life Threads: Platinum, Gold and Silver (2009)