Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Codex Alimentarius

Codex Alimentarius a Self Fulfilling Prophesy by Rudi C. Loehwing

Will this affect the USA come Dec. 31, 2009? Codex Alimentarius is listed as a hoax on Snopes (last updated: 2005), so we needn't worry about it, except I noticed during the years I've been blogging, that natural ingredients in perfume have suddenly been classified as "allergens" and are currently being controlled. There's more than one false belief going around; another one is that synthetic (chemical) ingredients are more eco-friendly because the earth supposedly can't sustain the harvesting of natural ingredients. Then, there's this Codex Alimentarius, this crazy notion that nutrients are "toxins", that nutrients have no relevance to our health when Science tells us otherwise, and that these, too, will be controlled. All of this doesn't sound too far off from what the fragrance industry is already reporting as the new versions of truth (thanks to the new "eco-friendly", "health conscious" chemical industry). It reminds me of an anonymous message left here once, from someone who said manmade food is the same as natural food because their chemical structures are the same. How easy would it be to convince the majority of people that nutrients and all things of the earth have no value? If this law passes here, it would be nutricide.

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"The Codex Guidelines for Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplements, meanwhile, don't actually differentiate between natural and synthetic vitamins and minerals, and explicitly permit both to be used in the manufacture of supplements"...Fact & Fiction on the WTO's Codex Alimentarius, Health Freedom,and Nutritional Supplements , www.organicconsumers.org Jan. 13, 2006

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