Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Night and Day

Not all cultures revolve around the sun. If in most world religions and cultures, the romantic pagan myth goes, that the feminine moon goes around chasing after the masculine sun forever in the sky in infatuated form, in Jewish monotheism, there is no binary opposition or contention between the two forces. "Let there be light" - the day was created by the order, which is why the day follows night. This is why Hanukkah starts on the night of the 11th, not the day of the 12th. It's also why the night (or Fri. night and day) before Sunday, the Sabbath, is holy.

I think because women are the choosers of their mates in this life as humans on earth, the Jewish perspective on the cycle of life makes good sense to me.

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(Image: Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in Gay Divorcee (1934) performing "Night and Day" by Cole Porter (watch the You Yube clip here))