Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Seal of Solomon

Image: Star of Bethlehem astrological chart

Just about one year ago, I'd commented on a theory I came across, that the Bible could very well be an Astrological Allegory (see my Dec. 14, 2008 post). Recently, I'd come across info about the history of Japan and how in 6 CE the country and the consciousness of the people were reformed by replacing the indiginous practice of pagan Shamanistic-animist (definition number 1 at Merriam-Webster) (shinto) beliefs with Buddhism as the new national religion (alongside a newly organized Shinto religion as well), creating Imperial Japan, the land of the rising sun. Since then, I've realized that so many significant world-changing events took place around the same time as the birth of early Christianity. Here are some links related to religious and cultural phenomena all occuring within the same time period, roughly around 5 BCE - 5 CE.

Real Star of Bethlehem - see what the Magi saw, astrology ...

The Bible and the Zodiac by Donna L. Preble,

The Unspoken Bible -

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I think it's far-fetched to say the Japanese are a lost tribe of Israel, but nevertheless, there are significant cultural ties here: Israelites Came to Ancient Japan -

Star of David around the world: Star of David or Star of Goloka? by Swami B. G. Narasingha

(It's also of interest to me that the word "azuma" (aduma (pronounced "adzuma") in old Japanese) meaning "east" sounds like the word "azimuth". Does anyone know if there's a connection here? Related link: Japanese Poetry, Wikipedia)