Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Story Behind Caron and Perfumer Felicie Vanpouille

Felicie Vanpouille has, until this point, been regarded as a former dressmaker, bottle designer and manager of Caron. I am amazed to learn she was a nose, just as much as Ernest Daltroff, the founder of the company, only we never got to hear the reason why this fact was kept a secret for almost a century.

Please read this fascinating interview of the president of Parfums Caron by Michelyn Camen about the history of the House. The story of the two business partners, lovers and perfumers Ernest Daltroff and Felicie Vanpouille is a truly heartwrenching one, more relevant than ever. Please visit Fragrantica: The House of Caron: Love, War and Perfume by Michelyn Camen, Dec. 13, 2009

Let us read, understand, and never repeat the tragedies and atrocities of our past.