Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thank You, Adieu, and my 2009 Year End Top 10!

White Rose mandala

Season's Greetings with love from Pink Manhattan! I'd like to thank my music fans, perfume customers and blog readers for all of your kind support over the years. Pink Manhattan Purrfume will be available for purchase until Dec. 31, 2009 (all remaining orders will be shipped on Jan. 4, 2010). After Dec. 31, I'm taking another hiatus from perfume making, to focus on music and other ventures in the New Year. I'd like to thank you once again for being part of what has been a truly rewarding experience to have dabbled in the world of fragrance, to have met so many gifted fellow perfume writers and wonderful perfume-loving friends along the way. I've learned so much and I couldn't have done it without you.

Let's celebrate with you-know-what: my Year End Top 10 List! This was so hard to come up with, since I haven't been wearing any one perfume on any regular basis. I thought I might list my all time favorite perfumes, but that list would go up to 1000 or so. I've decided to stick to my current faves, even if it means something special that I only got to try once but fell madly in love with! Granted, sometimes I fall in love too easily...

1. The one that made my heart ache this year with unrequited love was Guerlain Les Secrets de Sophie. Packaged in a geometric patterned modernized quadrilobe flacon in three color choices, the 60ml limited edition eau de parfum was redolent of sweet white floral essences with a touch of violet. Thank you, Jean-Paul Guerlain, for this beautiful, unforgettable experience.

2. Following Les Secrets de Sophie, I fell in love with Jean Paul Gaultier Classique this year. I don't wear it anymore because the smoky-woody base was too heavy and dirty-powdery, but this was my Sophie stand-in, which was almost as good...while the love lasted. It was one hot summer fling!

3. Givenchy Very Irrésistible is going to remain in my perfume collection forever and ever. This is a gorgeous anisic rose blend with a hint of modern Chypre accord backed up by musk, similar to Narciso Rodriguez for Her and Stella McCartney but for me, the most wearable of the relatively newbie bunch.

4. Then, along came Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame which knocked my socks off! This is a spunky, citric orange blossom. A mod urban cocktail, it doesn't smell too natural but I love it anyway. Natural essences are essential to life but I can appreciate modern perfumery and all its technological advances, as long as I can have the best of both worlds.

5. Penhaligon's Bluebell went from strong dislike to mighty love, which is rare. When it finally won me over, it was the icy green hyacinth that grew on me, even as the wet woods still kind of smelled like the inside of an old wooden house in the quiet countryside.

6. La Prairie Life Threads Gold was the surprise love of the year. It came into my life like kismet, and stole away my attention with its radiant glow of Mediterranean-style Chypre (Fruity) with sweet, spicy, warm and incensey Oriental notes.

7. Acorelle Amande de Ble is a bitter almond and mimosa perfume. It's certified 100% organic, and it smells delish! Natural and organic are the wave of the future!

8. I really like Laura Mercier Almond Coconut but this is more of a bath and body scent. I like it a LOT, though. It's insanely strong so I dab it from a vial with the tip of my wand.

9. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb burst onto the scene with a memorable New York launch and has gone in and out of my life as we got moody with each other. A patchouli-based Gourmand, the roses-and-marshmallows diva perfume seduces with a confident, straightforward & sexy attitude.

10. Chanel N°22, unnaturally perfectly symmetrical, my abstract white rose of choice. "Scientifically" balanced, harmonized till no single note ever stands out, every indiscernable note part of a hazy chorus. Like powdery snow, soft and down-to-earth, it's my "scent of peace", which translates into the real world as my "snuggie-and-a-book light" scent.

Best Launch of the Year: Sophie takes the crown.

Best Packaging: I'm giving the honor to Benefit Crescent Row because the idea was so cute and captivating, plus it took me on an imaginary trip to Bath, England.

Hall of Fame: Caron Nocturnes. Another perfume I'd like to honor this year is Chanel N°19, the first to be awarded the FIFI in 1973 (visit The Fragrance Foundation).

Honorary mentions: Origins Ginger Essence (fresh, spicy and gorgeous), DR Harris Arlington (sheer lemon cream, not sweet, evaporates quickly but smells fantastic), Niki de St. Phalle (minty cool, sexy '80s Chypre-animalic), Paul & Joe Blanc (light floral musk), Diane Von Furstenburg Tatiana (a lot like Serge Lutens A la Nuit, a sharp, voluptuous clean jasmine), Sarah Horowitz Perfect Nectar perfume oil (blood orange + white florals = like juicy papaya): I meant to write about these in more detail this year but didn't get the chance to. Lots to come in 2010! Have a very Happy New Year ~ put on your liveliest, sexiest number, carpe diem and bonne chance!