Sunday, January 10, 2010

Japan, Black Pope...Random Thoughts

Three trees print, CB2

Wise man from Japan now the black pope by Kevin Rafferty, Monday, Feb. 11, 2008 Special to The Japan Times

The new "Black Pope" promises more Jesuit turmoil - January 21, 2008

Roman Catholics: A New Black Pope, TIME Friday, May. 28, 1965

The Jesuits in Japan - Reformation Online

Book 7 Tanner, Mathias, 1630-1692. Societas Jesu usque ad sanguinis et vitae profusionem (Prague: Typis Universitatis Carolo-Ferdinandeae per Joannem Nicolaum Hampel factorem, 1675) - Spiritual Journeys

They say Japanese and the Ainu language have nothing in common, but the Ainu word for god is "kamui" and Japanese is "kami". BTW, it's cold today, as in it's "samui". It must be pretty damned brutal to live as homeless people in the very samui climate off the borders of Siberia...cold enough to hunt bear and wear the fur, I'd think.

As for the Black Popes in Japan (I learn something new every day)...well, it sounds like they commit themselves to living there to apprentice in a spiritual sense, but why? Is Japan a romantic that, I mean "otoko no roman (a man's idea of romance, to be illuminated)"? It sounds so Buddhist (an imported religion), doesn't it, to want to be a pure, blemish-free, superhuman perfect man?


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