Monday, January 18, 2010

Ode to Joy and the EU Flag

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So, I'm just wondering what kind of flag we would have if we became a North American union or some such thing resembling the current EU, with their own newly appointed president and EU flag. I've got some ideas: a picture of the Holy Bible? How about "WWJD" or the word of God as a double-edged sword? I like the dove of peace, personally.

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"The anthem of the EU “Ode to Joy” also contains religious symbolism. “Ode to Joy” is the prelude to the last movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, which has religious implications. EU publications state that the anthem really is an “ode to freedom, community, and peace”, however the lyrics, by Friedrich von Schiller, are actually about the entering of the shrine of a pagan goddess and the uniting of all men in brotherhood, by the power of magic...The EU constitution has also raised the ire of protestant leaders by banning the mention of Christianity as part of Europe’s cultural heritage, while at the same time, including references to the civilizations of Greece and Rome, and the philosophical heritage of the Enlightenment. " Is the E.U. the Revived Roman Empire? -

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