Sunday, January 03, 2010

When in Rome

It's 2010, and I've got a lot on my mind. Is it just me, or are we all seeing a trend? I understand the difference between orthodox and cultural religiosity but a trend is a trend: We have a new Roman Catholic judge in the Supreme Court, a new president of EU, "Haiku" Herman who is Roman Catholic Christian Democrat, the Codex Alimentarius commission in Rome that's supposedly handling global food matters (who are these people?), and we still don't know whether or not the US will eventually join the International Criminal Court (Rome Statute). Even Japan has a Roman Catholic PM, the first Catholic to rule the nation. Rare, yes, but Japanese Catholics exist: my own grandparents are proof of that. Any one of these things independently happening probably wouldn't worry me so much...well, Codex still sucks, and I'm really iffy about that ICC thing, especially after that bizarre news about Interpol getting immunity, but I'm just gonna come out and ask: is this the New World Order? I remember the speech the Pope© gave about the need for this what he meant (and what does he want all those artists he building a new church somewhere?)? I don't want to sound anti-anybody because I'm not at all, but I love America and our freedoms...where will people go to get away from Europe if we turn into another EU? Does globalization mean collectivism = One World?

Articles of Faith - Why Americans can't talk about religion and the Supreme Court: (PS: According to the article, it appears Pat Buchanan is alarmed by the number of Catholics in the Supreme Court, but he is Catholic, too, and a traditional one).

I guess all these years of timewarping into the Classics (and classism) trend should have prepared me for all this, huh? Everywhere I turn, I see more and more attempts to control: on popular makeup forums, I'm expected to conform to a specific taste and set of rules or face being ridiculed, ostracized or worse. The bullies on beauty industry sites want to sell products and their narrow ideas of what beauty is. I left these boards after realizing I didn't need to be preached at by strangers on what to think and wear: age appropriateness, gender appropriateness, to accept being called anything they want to call you directly or indirectly: "old ladies", "girls", Japs, dirty hippies, heck - "American" as a pejorative, etc. and learn to equate passivity (victimization) with grace (or you'll be accused of playing victim). Verily, even my favorite board of the bunch didn't feel like an American board even with all the American posters on it, but more like my worst childhood years spent attending Japanese weekend school where, obviously, I didn't conform very well to cliques. People are taught in subversive ways not to make waves, even if "making waves" means standing up for what's right. Like in Victorian days, speaking up means being rude. Shutting up and taking it means being cultured. Yep, it's just like Japan where bloodlines, gender and hierarchy still rule one's fate.

Maybe the ugly ijime culture existing on some of the more collectivist boards is meant to be like a sorority house initiation. Perhaps I'm just a bit removed from the mainstream scenes being an artistic soul and just don't get what others plainly accept as being "the norm". Anyway, if you're a concerned parent, or if you give two schnitzels, you may want to check out some of those forums and blogs to feel these trends out for yourself.

Still, isn't it all just one warm and fuzzy little coincidence? What happened to the days of Kevyn Aucoin and celebrating the beauty in diversity? Why must we do as the Romans do even if we *are* in Rome?