Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Love, sex and the male brain

The author wants us to know that boys will be boys and father knows best. Love, sex and the male brain by Louann Brizendine, Special to CNN March 24, 2010

Re: "Hand over the baby" - Nice try, but not so fast. I'm all for dads taking care of and bonding with baby, but in my world, moms don't take commands. You see, this is why I'm part of the modern day exodus of Japanese women, because I understand what a patriarchal society is. It's one in which paternity rights trump maternity, where women are seen as dangerous (spiritually corrupt) and in need of extra discipline (only the female needs to sit in painful seiza style, a modified lotus position, in everyday life; likewise, only females are expected to speak in extra respectful language designed just for them), and mothers are taught not to "damage" the children with too much affection lest they turn them into "victim types", depriving bonding and intimacy between mother and child for no good reason.

This article is about as scientific as the one about baby formula being better for babies than breastmilk, or how cheating or learning to shut up and yield will solve all problems and save your marriage. We might as well teach again that left-handedness is evil, or how women are irrational. Is Health Care Reform going to fix this soon?

One more thing: Please don't let this author make you believe girls / women like being ogled at by men. We don't. It scares us. That's why we cross the street.

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