Saturday, April 24, 2010


It took me awhile to understand the connection between the Mayan calendar and the Bible's Book of Revelation, but I finally got it: it's the number 144,000 that connects them. So, my next question is, if Glenn Beck doesn't believe in coincidences, does he think it's OK for Christians to believe in Fate? How about divination which is connected to Fate? What's a Christian doing believing in the Mayan calendar, anyway? I thought that was an occult item, much like the Tarot, Runes, The Secret, Edgar Cayce, Seth books, Shakti Gawain, Shirley MacLaine, those Lost Teachings of Jesus aka Apocryphal books, which only appear in the Roman Catholic version of the Bible, so Protestants would have to visit one of these New Age / Alternative bookstores to read them, and yes, Numerology, for a number is a Godlike figure chockful of meaning to some.