Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Guess Who Saved the South Bronx?

Image: Pam Grier, actor who starred in Bronxploitation movie “Fort Apache - the Bronx”, from Manila Gorilla blog (Also see related link:
Interview: 'Jackie Brown' star Pam Grier by Mark Voger/The Star-Ledger

"The South Bronx may always be a poor area. It's not easy to draw the middle class into a place whose name is still synonymous with urban crime. There are other problems, too: Thanks to Robert Moses, the area is crisscrossed with expressways, and it has more than its share of bus depots and medical waste transfer stations. As a result, the air quality is worse than any other borough's.

"But the fact that the South Bronx will never be mistaken for Scarsdale shouldn't detract from the city's accomplishment. Perhaps the best measure of that effort has been the peaceful repopulation of the area. Despite all the talk about Giuliani's new policing policies, police in the South Bronx tend to attribute much of the dramatic drop in crime to the city's rebuilding efforts. "When people have a stake in the community, they're less likely to put up with crime," says Captain Thomas King of the 42nd precinct, which includes much of what was the "Fort Apache" territory in the 70s." Please continue reading: Guess Who Saved the South Bronx? The silent partner in community development - by Robert Worth, The Washington Monthly - April 1999