Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter & Fragrance of the Moment

Estée Lauder Private Collection (1973) was Grace Kelly's favorite perfume once upon a time; like its predecessor Chanel N°19, it's a crisp Green Floral to evoke fresh meadows and delicate spring bloom. Private Collection is the sharper, spicier (coriander) and decidedly more classic Chypre of the two; the Chanel offering is sunnier, more floral, slightly powdery but still biting and true to the Green aldehydic character, as individualistic as the women who adored such scents (these Greens were favored by the presidents of the companies that produced them: Coco Chanel loved No.19 named for her birth date, and Private Collection was literally Ms. Lauder's private blend). Private Collection alerts the senses like young, sharp green blades of vegetation peeping out from under the seemingly fragile layer of thin ice.