Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nun Excommunicated For Abortion Decision To Save Mother's Life

"When it comes to Catholic teaching on abortion, no exceptions are allowed. Even if carrying a pregnancy to term would result in the death of both mother and child, abortion is still not an option." Nun Excommunicated For Abortion Decision To Save Mother's Life by David Gibson, Politics Daily

I'm not talking about most people who identify with the Catholic Christian faith, but at the highest level of this institution, it seems to me nothing more than a hate group against women - either that, or an institution founded on ignorance similar to that of those who believe sick children only need prayer, no modern medicine to intervene to save them. It's a shame that even though this hospital made the right decision, that I'd never want to find myself being treated in a Catholic hospital after reading this.

(edited to add) I mean, not only if I was the potential mother with potential child but as a woman, I wouldn't want to be caught dead in one.

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