Monday, May 10, 2010

Remembering Lena Horne

"Of the many men in her life, said Miss Horne, only one was her "soulmate": Billy Strayhorn. A composer/arranger for Duke Ellington, Strayhorn was openly gay - and the courtly Galahad figure about whom she had always dreamed. For decades after his death in 1967, she kept his photo by her bedside." Jazz great Lena Horne dies at 92 by Carrie Rickey -

What a musical reunion must be going on up in heaven tonight, but down here where mortals live, the world is a little less sweet, gentle and kind without Lena Horne in it. It was 3 years ago, right around Mother's Day, when I'd posted some lovely pics of her, with links to footage of her singing "Paper Doll" and her very moving appearance on Sesame Street with her friend, Grover (together they sing "How Do You Do?"). She was beautiful, elegant, a talented singer, actor and a bonafide New Yorker. I know she'll continue to touch those who'll discover her through her many good works, on stage and off.

Here's another one of my favorite Lena moments: listen to her sing "Stormy Weather", a legendary movie moment.