Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fragile X and a Gay History

As someone who loves people with Autism, gay people and gay people with Autism, I hope we can end the debate about homosexuality being a moral issue, and begin to look, openly, rationally, with compassion and without judgment, at the biology behind Autism and the related spectrum disorders such as anxiety and ADHD. The studies cited here might also shed light as to why Autism is found mostly in boys.

I hope this post lends clues on finding understanding and ways to help and support, not to cure to change people, for love doesn't need a cure, but is the cure.

By Rich Shull: Fragile X and a Gay History From PBS -WGBH Boston 1993 and Earlier Fragile X Studies

"Long before Autism and Fragile X were Buzz words and Autism Folks jumped on the band wagon of fragile X syndrome and also adopted it as rally call of Autism and evelated it to a high status with in autism. It was BIG NEWS in the GLBT community! It was seen as a predictor of If was one was Gay or not. The late 1980s were abuzz with Autism and Fragile X syndrome and they were the talk of the gay press.

"Of Course, Fragile X and Gay have never been mentioned in Autism Circles and odds are they will never be admitted to in autism at least BUT IF people were actually put faith in Fragile X and Indeed accepted ALL the studies of Fragile X they would have to naturally look for gay (LBT) autistic people. INDEED we are here on line and our anthropology is the best performing autistic population. Autism will not even admit to any one in the GLBT spectrum even IF their own studies beg to ask or make the point to "LOOK HERE". The following is a general Interest GLBT Fragile X syndrome article from the Web. It is Copyrighted to WGBH Boston a PBS Station. Rich Shull" Fragile X and a Gay History by Rich Shull, Pre Rain Man Autism February 26, 2006

What is Fragile X? -

"Like other genetic diseases carried on the X chromosome, Fragile X syndrome strikes boys more often and more severely than girls. Girls have two X chromosomes, so a normal gene on one chromosome can mitigate the effects of the disease if the gene on the other X chromosome is abnormal. Boys, however, have only one X chromosome, so if they inherit an abnormal gene on the X chromosome, they have no protection." Fragile X Syndrome Gene's Role in Shaping Brain Uncovered - Science Daily May 9, 2010

Interview with Temple Grandin -
What follows is the transcript text of my video interview With Temple Grandin. A video and transcript of her FutureQuest keynote speech will be available in the future.

"WP: So if there were something that cured all the autism genes, you wouldn't support that?.

TG:No, I would not support that. becase there is a point where mild autistic traits are part of normal human variation. Because on the other end of the spectrum you have Williams Syndrome, and if you look at the brain abnormalities, they're exactly the opposite of autism. The whole back of the brain, where the hard drive is--there isn't too much there. But all the social emotional circuits are hooked up so [people with Williams Syndrome] are hyper, hyper, social. I'm gonna bet you there's a lot of yackety yackety salesman that don't talk about much of anything who are Williams Syndrome variants. But then you get to a point where a person [with Autism] cannot talk, they're self inuring themselves, and they cannot live independently. That [is something] you would want to eliminate, if possible, but you would not want to get rid of all the autism genes because you wouldn't have any computers-- you wouldn't have any scientists.

WP: I know there are groups like Cure Autism Now who are looking to test for Autism before someone is born. What are your thoughts on prenatal testing?

TG: Well, the problem with autistic traits, it's a continuum of traits.

WP: Right, a spectrum

TG: and [with] a little bit of the trait, you get einstein. There is a book called Asperger's and Self Esteem and its about famous scientists and musicians that probably were aspergers.

The genetics of it are probably going to be complicated. There is not going to be one single gene for autism. So I think they're quite a ways away from a genetic test. Its not like fragile x syndrome where there is a very obvious genetic abnormality."

The following article was published in the Salt Lake City Tribune, in a slightly abbreviated form, on May 27th, 2001. "Is homosexuality immutable? Hardly. There is ample evidence that homosexual attraction can be diminished and that changes can be made." The Innate-Immutable Argument Finds No Basis in Science - In Their Own Words: Gay Activists Speak About Science, Morality, Philosophy - A. Dean Byrd, Ph.D., MBA, MPH, Shirley E. Cox, DSW, Jeffrey W. Robinson, Ph.D., (National Association for Research and Therapy for Homosexuality)

"By a concerned mother: "My child is of sacred worth. Both my children - one lesbian, one straight -- are of sacred worth. I will faithfully work until my church truly reflects God's love for both."" Homosexuality - Suicides among gay and lesbian youth -