Friday, June 18, 2010

Is it ever right to hit a woman?

Gone are the days when nice boys were taught never to hit a woman. Today, men (and some women as well) rationalize battery by saying women wanted equal rights and now they got it. They can't tell the difference between equal human rights and equal physical strength. Or, they do, and use this theory to justify their violence and hatred of women, anyway. I'm usually one who looks forward and never back, but on days like these, I long for more chivalrous, genteel times. No, not that there wasn't violence against women back then (it seems there always has been), but it's disheartening to hear so many young people on the net justify hitting a woman, as if basic human decency to love and respect women, and to defend the helpless, have gone out of style.

Is it ever right to hit a woman? No, since those who are comparatively weak and defenseless even if they are visually of the same size (or larger, even), are quite easy to restrain by other means if necessary. I mean, we can argue about what to do in the case of a woman trying to kill you with a lethal weapon, say, wielding a chainsaw, but in most day-to-day cases, the argument of self-defense is grossly misused to justify shameful abuse. We always say women should leave domestic violence. Perhaps men, too, should leave a violent relationship before it escalates to such an extreme degree that you're waiting for the day you can have your reason to hit a woman back. We need to get our heads out of game world; in real life, men can, and do, end up seriously injuring or killing women by not knowing, and being responsible for, their own strength.

"Suppose a man and a woman are quarreling at a nightclub. If the man throws a glass of whiskey at the woman he has assaulted her, and men are prosecuted for such. In contrast, a woman who throws a drink at a man is merely expressing her outrage. What sort of wuss would call the police and try to prosecute a woman over a splash of whiskey? Any man who did so would not be welcome back at the bar." (...) "A chimp such as Champ who supports the damsel may gain opportunities to mate with her later, while one who refuses his support will also be remembered and treated accordingly. And so too among our own. Men who uphold women against offending men gain their respect, and perhaps their favors, while men who ignore women lose out. So nature programs men to support women in distress and to stand strongly against the dastardly scumbags who cross them." Chivalry Lives On - Chivalry | Opposites as Equals

Top 10 lame excuses men make to justify violence against women by Byron Hurt | Posted March 19, 2009 The Daily Voice

"Averting the trope hasn't become old-hat just yet, although it's considered an "equal opportunity" kind of violence. It's usually pointed out before it's done, usually with some variation of "Well, you're no lady."" Wouldn't Hit a Girl -

"By the ordinance of the queen there was set a quest of ladies on Sir Gawaine, and they judged him for ever while he lived to be with all ladies, and to fight for their quarrels; and that he should ever be courteous, and never refuse mercy to him that asketh mercy...[and] that he should never be against lady nor gentlewoman, but if he fought for a lady and his adversary fought for another."
Le Morte d'Arthur -