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Science Historian Cracks the 'Plato Code'

(Image: Circle of Fifths, Hidden Origins of Western Music)

"The hidden codes show that Plato anticipated the Scientific Revolution 2,000 years before Isaac Newton, discovering its most important idea -- the book of nature is written in the language of mathematics. The decoded messages also open up a surprising way to unite science and religion." Science Historian Cracks the 'Plato Code' - Science Daily June 29, 2010

"The recurring pattern, Kennedy says, chimes with the 12-note Greek musical scale, supposedly pioneered by Pythagoras. And after dividing the texts into equal 12ths, the Manchester academic found that "major turns in the argument and major concepts" matched the spacings of musical notes. In every 1,000 lines in the 12,000-line "Republic," for example, Kennedy observed that Plato turned to the theme associated with the relevant note on the scale." Scholar Claims to Have Unlocked 'The Plato Code' - by Theunis Bates, AOL News

Here is Dr. Jay Kennedy's study in depth: "Unusually among Plato scholars, I was therefore familiar with the numerology and music theory which was at the heart of early Pythagoreanism. This interdisciplinary preparation enabled me to see and decipher Plato's musical symbolism (...) It is surprising that Plato could deploy an elaborate symbolic scheme without disturbing the surface narratives of the dialogues, but in this respect he does not differ from other allegorical writers like Dante or Spenser." New Research on Plato and Pythagoras Jay Kennedy, University of Manchester

The significance of the number 12 isn't only musical and mathematical, but also coincides with the use of the number 12 in astrology, or ancient astronomy.


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"The Greek mathematician and astronomer Pythagoras is frequently credited with originating the concept, which stemmed from his semi-mystical, semi-mathematical philosophy and its associated system of numerology of Pythagoreanism. According to Johannes Kepler, the connection between geometry (and sacred geometry), cosmology, astrology, harmonics, and music is through musica universalis [1]." Musica universalis - Wikipedia

"Pythagorean tuning is a system of musical tuning in which the frequency relationships of all intervals are based on the ratio 3:2. Its name comes from medieval texts which attribute its discovery to Pythagoras, but its use has been documented as long ago as 1800 B.C. in Babylonian texts.[1] It is the oldest way of tuning the 12-note chromatic scale." Pythagorean tuning - Wikipedia (The irony is that the "perfect" theoretical system of tuning sounded out of tune, so it had to be tweaked. Also see here: The Pythagorean Comma You Tube)

"Women were given equal opportunity to study as Pythagoreans; however, they learned practical domestic skills in addition to philosophy.[12] (...) Pythagoras is also said to have preached that men and women ought not to have sex during the summer, holding that winter was the appropriate time.[13]" Pythagoreanism - Wikipedia (I wonder if he subscribed to the men's maxim of his time, Kama Sutra)

"The number 5 was the "human" number since it was the sum of the firstmost even and odd numbers, 2 and 3. Two and three were thought of as the primal opposites among the numbers, three being masculine and two being feminine. Here we can find a geometrical analogy in genital symbolism (Figure 4)." Means, Meaning, and Music: Pythagoras, Archytas, and Plato by Scott Makeig,

"Plato says two is a digit without meaning as it implies relationship, which introduces the third factor." Numbers and Their Meanings - Crystalinks (Meaningless feminine number two, huh? Maybe it's a stretch to say Plato was a

"The Church called this interval "the devil's interval" or "the devil's chord", and disallowed it in any music. Since the Roman Catholic Church was in those days powerful enough - through fear, mostly - they effectively eliminated it from all subsequent European music." Some types of music were suppressed - Light Bridge Music

The Devil's Music by Finlo Rohrer, BBC News Magazine

Blues - Wikipedia

"The language of music is no different, except that music is primarily a vehicle for communicating emotion, and only secondarily ideas. But communicate it does, and inasmuch as it conveys negative, false, venal, or evil emotions or states of being, such as rebellion, chaos, anger, violence, atheism, or moral relativism, music must be considered bad. However, where it appeals to our higher emotions and aspirations, whether by lyrics, tempo, or melody, music is good, and at times, even heavenly." Morality of music: Because music primarily communicates emotions, its morality may be judged according to whether the feelings conveyed are positive and noble or negative and base. (Cover Story: Music)

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