Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fragrance of the Moment

I couldn't stop at suggesting a wedding day scent for Chelsea Clinton, the bride-to-be, so I'm going to make a recommendation for the mother of the bride, too. I'd read somewhere once, that both Bill and Hillary Clinton wore Caswell Massey Number Six, a classic lemony eau de cologne (comparable to 4711 but a bit spicy, like Eau de Guerlain), so I figured Number Six would be a fine choice for Madame Secretary and the former President, except on such a momentous occasion, why not go all out with something more...I don't know, just more?

Enter Guerlain Elixir Charnel Gourmand Coquin (2008), a dazzling, spicy and hedonistic blend of dark chocolate, rum and pepper. When I first smelled this mysterious purple concoction, I thought it smelled like my Persephone perfume which featured dark chocolate, sandalwood Mysore, pomegranate, blackberry and purple flowers, very intoxicating and seductive...but actually, since Persephone was white floral-hearted (magnolia) and Gourmand Coquin is rose-based, Gourmand Coquin smells more like Frapin 1270: rich, peppery, boozy, but with the added lemon-vanilla cakey hypersweetness of L de Lolita Lempicka. It's still rather seductive and intoxicating, but the vanillic aspect makes it youthful, playing up her spunky side. Woods give it bold strength, while rose lends traditional romantic flair.

The dry down stage is redolent of indolic civet and labdanum, implying naughtiness in a Maurice Roucel way (although this isn't one of his creations). For comparison, Laurence Dumont Tendre Madeleine has a similar musky, indolic dry down combined with woody-vanillic Gourmand feel. There are references out there claiming that Hillary Clinton has worn Thierry Mugler Angel, the definitive hypersweet Gourmand, so Gourmand Coquin should be right up her alley. It smells like the banquet of a lifetime; I hope fans of Chopard Casmir and Aquolina Pink Sugar are listening.