Friday, July 02, 2010

Madina Lake Bassist Matthew Leone is a HERO

How many people would have simply walked on while a woman was getting beaten by a degenerate asshole? How many children grow up wishing there was someone brave enough to intervene when their mothers are being abused? Madina Lake bassist Matthew Leone didn't let it go, and although he paid a price for his courage and compassion, he'll always be remembered as a true hero.

Madina Lake Bassist Matthew Leone Hospitalized After BRUTAL Attack In Chicago - Huffington Post, First Posted: 07- 1-10 01:30 PM | Updated: 07- 2-10 10:09 AM


"Matthew Leone, the bass player for Chicago-based band Madina Lake, remains hospitalized Friday after a brutal Tuesday attack in Chicago.

"Madina Lake singer Nathan Leone described the events that led up to his brother's injuries in his blog on Wednesday, explaining that Matthew saw a woman being beaten on the street by her husband and intervened. From Nathan's blog:

"Being the most amazing, strong, heroic and incredible person I know.. even though the guy was twice his size, Matthew intervened. He managed to subdue this guy for a second and since his wife was beat up pretty good called the cops.. as he did so the guy jumped him from behind and beat him. This guy did things I can't even type. After words, [sic] he and his beaten wife left Matthew unconsious [sic] on the street.""

The police have found the attacker. Read on at Huffpost.

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July 1, 11:35 PM Chicago Indie Music Examiner Jyn Radakovits

"With MTV news reporting that Leone has no health insurance, other bands and fans have been rumored to attempting to make a PayPal donation to help offset the medical costs. Twin brother, Nathan Leone has been acting as his brother's spokesmen on the band's site and on Twitter."