Monday, July 26, 2010

PEACE - A new documentary film by Kazuhiro Soda

What is peace? What is coexistence? And what are the basis for them?

PEACE is a visual-essay-like observational documentary, which contemplates these questions by observing the daily lives of people and cats in Okayama city, Japan, where life and death, acceptance and rejection are intermingled.

Three people and stray cats are the main characters.

Read more about the synopsis at Kazuhiro Soda's Blog

Director's Statement on PEACE by Kazuhiro Soda: "In the summer of 2009, the DMZ Korean International Documentary Festival in the border city of Paju, South Korea, asked me to make a 20 minute-short documentary about peace and coexistence. But honestly, I wasn’t so keen on the idea at first.

"One reason is that I firmly believed I should never set up a theme before I make a documentary. Otherwise, there is a danger that the theme becomes more important than the reality itself, and would dictate my filmmaking process. I would shoot materials that might fit to the theme rather than learn from what I see." Continue reading here: Director's Statement on PEACE, July 23, 2010