Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fragrance of the Moment

I'm craving sweet summer fruits again, and rose berries have my attention. Here's a scent that leaves a really gorgeous sillage, yet feels pretty light for what it is. I was wracking my brain trying to remember what other fragrance this scent reminded me of, and there are several: this is a hypersweet fruity (raspberry) patchouli scent like Kylie Minogue Darling or Vera Wang Rock Princess (whoever coined the term "fruitchouli" was right on the mark), Fruity Florals with Chypre-Oriental (Gourmand) undertones. The candied sweetness of Bond No.9 Bryant Park (2007) also reminds me a bit of Valentino Rock 'n Rose (2006), but I believe the Rock 'n Rose (from my recollection of it) was a candied violet-rose on an amber base, closer to Gale Hayman Delicious (1993) or Les Parfums de Rosine La Rose de Rosine (1991 reorchestration of the original 1912 version). Both Bryant Park and Rock 'n Rose remind me of Ed Hardy scents, particularly the first launch and the newest launch, Hearts & Daggers (2010), which isn't patchouli-based but I also like very much. Just to clarify, there's no violet note listed for Bryant Park; it's more of a raspberry amber-patch rose with fresh, green lily-of-the-valley top notes and a touch of tart rhubarb, refreshing for summer-into-early fall (see the list of notes on Basenotes).

Bond No.9 Bryant Park has appeared with several different bottle label designs, such as the retro hot pink Pucci-inspired graphics on the funky star-shaped bottle, but I think I prefer the also-retro but more techno-sleek, NYC MTA subway token motif ones. Actually, the candy-wrapper bon-bon samples are the cutest, and I also like the simply labeled 0.25 fl. oz. sprays you can buy on eBay.

(Image: Bond No.9 Bryant Park, Crickets of Vero)