Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Star Trek character Data, INTP

I like to take these Myers-Briggs personality tests periodically, because it's fun, and because I don't believe these things are as etched in stone as some might suggest. I should mention that many experts say types can change as people get older, too. The tests themselves ask questions that are wide open, so how you answer depends on the context you envision in your mind. Also, my results vary depending on the system I use, although I have consistently tested NT (Rational)-NF (Idealist). My most frequest results, roughly in the order of frequency, have been INFJ, INTJ, INTP, INFP, ENTJ. Today, I took two different tests (the one at and one app on Facebook which leads me here) and came up as INTP and INFJ. I find the INTP result interesting, because when I had myself tested by a professional, she thought I might actually be an INTP based on our verbal communication, despite the written part of the test which had given me an INFP reading. I had settled on INTJ at the time, only to reassess myself as INFJ.

I quite like the INTP result, a worldly, improvisational and witty type, although in person, I'm not as emotionally repressed as an android. Based on what you see on my blog, what do you think my type ought to be?

(According to, I can also be compared to Seven of Nine, INTP)

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