Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Age of Autism

By Deirdre Imus: "The new book "The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-made Epidemic" is shaking up the autism world. Orthodox scientists and medical groups have dismissed and even ridiculed the idea that incredibly toxic ethyl mercury -- still in flu shots given to infants and pregnant women -- could be linked to the explosion in autism rates beginning in the 1990s, when the vaccine schedule was rapidly expanded. Just the day before the book came out this week, the CDC issued yet another flawed study that found not only was mercury safe -- it actually had a protective effect against the risk of autism. This is obviously absurd, as is the fact that almost all the children in the study had received mercury-containing shots, rather than including a control group without any mercury exposure. Authors Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill -- two names well-known in the autism community and editors of the blog Age of Autism (, have for the first time traced the roots of autism beginning in the 1930s. What they found is electrifying and suggests the debate is about to heat up again, whether the government and medical industry like it or not." The Age of Autism by Deirdre Imus. Founder, Deirdre Imus Environmental Center for Pediatric Oncology, The Huffington Post, September 20, 2010

There's something I've had on my mind that I don't read anywhere, and that is the question of just how much mercury (whether this type of mercury used in thimerosal is arguably safe or not in miniscule amounts) is safe to be injected into the bloodstream of an infant less than 24 months old, as young as 3 months old. One can argue that the amount of thimerosal in one dose of vaccine is safe, but if an infant is receiving 4, 5, 6, even 9 shots in one visit (because doctors fear the parents won't bring the infant back to get all of the shots, doctors urge parents to get them all done in one visit), doesn't the amount of mercury add up to something more than the recommended dose in one vaccine shot?

For the record, I have met people (mostly conservatives - sorry, but it's true) who deny even the existence of autism, let alone the fact that it is an epidemic of our age. I hope all of these people who have been told by ignorant tabloid media outlets and the like, that autism is some kind of faked attitude problem on the part of children diagnosed with autism, or a result of bad parenting, realize that they don't wander off like people with Alzheimers and tragically drown or get into other accidents because they are faking it, or because parents aren't as vigilant as humanly possible. Such judgment calls without understanding need to be condemned as bullying, nothing less and nothing more.

Furthermore, people like Sharron Angle who think early intervention and other programs aren't necessary enough to insure or publically fund, miss the point, that these are not only the saving grace in the lives of those affected with autism, that it can be the difference between a non-functioning and minimally functioning society in which one in 110 (1 in 70 boys) are being diagnosed with autism.

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Autism Speaks: "The words “vaccine” and “autism” hit the news again this weekend with the release of the award to compensate the Poling family for pain, suffering, future care and lost wages for their nine year old daughter, Hannah.

"Hannah was developing typically until a regressive episode at 18 months that closely followed the 9 vaccinations she received at a well-baby visit. Further testing revealed that Hannah 1) developed autism and 2) had the metabolic signature of a mitochondrial disorder which may have made her vulnerable to injury from the vaccines themselves or the fever that commonly accompanies vaccines and many childhood illnesses.

"Although this case has been long fought, the recent award is renewing questions in the autism community.

"How common are mitochondrial disorders?" Read more: Hannah Poling Court Case – Some Considerations Autism Speaks Official Blog September 13, 2010