Saturday, September 04, 2010

Pantone Spring-Summer 2011, Fall 2010 Color Trends

PANTONE Spring-Summer 2011 Colors: Enchanted Picnic

"Enchanted Picnic has exotic themes, follies in Versailles, rave party in Schönbrunn, murder in an English garden – Lewis Carroll, Fragonard gate-crashes the camp site, Hansel and Gretel’s cuisine, ecology show – glamour and fun, the dawn of artificial preciousness. Colours that set the teeth on edge – neon but whitened, transparent jelly fish, over-bright pastels, fiery brights tempered by grey and measured beige."

I posted this collection because I like the imagery, but as for the descriptions...did you catch all that? Murder in an English garden, Lewis Caroll and the dawn of artificial preciousness are among the roughly sketched themes for this whitened neon color palette for Summer 2011. Where did Pantone draw the overall inspiration from?

Le Cuir A Paris Colour Trends for Spring-Summer 2011
"Le Cuir A Paris is an event that is much awaited by the fashion industry. The event showcases high quality leather raw materials and sets the trends in specific clours and material. The next Le Cuir A Paris is due to take place in Nord Villepinte in Paris on 14th September, 2010, where the projections for summer season 2011 will be on show. We bring for you the theme and inspiration of their colour palate as sourced from Fashion Trendsetter. The inspiration was the new dawn and the specter of uncertainties." See the entire collection of colors for Summer 2011 (Archaic Garden, Underwater Variation, Tropical Dramaturgy, Shadowy Shores, Enchanted Picnic): Fashion Next - Future of Indian fashion

New dawn is to meet the Symmetry trend, also forecasted for 2011: Visit

Since we're here, let's read a little bit about Lewis Caroll: Caroll's Philosophy: Language & Constistency in Alice in Wonderland July 26, 2008 Cambridge Centre for Western Esotericism

Here are the PANTONE colors for Fall 2010:

Pantone Fashion Color Report for Fall 2010

View the entire Pantone fashion color report fall 2010 at

Silly, me; Buddhist art is what came to mind when I saw the color palette (I also pictured in my mind opals and bloodstones), but might give us a more practical vision of how these colors can be incorporated into our wardrobe. Lagoon, this season's turquoise, continues at the top of the trend as Color of the Year 2010.

"In fact, chocolate is a hot fashion color for the upcoming fall and winter seasons, so it is still history in the making as we speak." What is the history of brown color in fashion? How it changed and evolved with the times? | Answerbag

Black is nowhere to be found, but as much as it's being maligned by mainstream fashion that calls it "boring" and "passe", I'll continue to wear basic black, together with (or without) all of the economically savvy neutrals (including brown). I wonder if they'll stop trying to fix my taste and eventually let me have what I like - more black and neutral choices to buy - so I can enjoy shopping, too. Till then, oyster grey gives me hope. Happy Labor Day weekend!