Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Halloween! My October Top 10 Fragrances

So, would you like to know which fragrances have made their way into my go-to sample pouch? Here's what I've been wearing most frequently:

My October Top 10 List

1. Jean Paul Gaultier Ma Dame: This is a zesty fresh, transparent but slightly powdery orange citrus (Floral) scent. I love it, but it is strong, far-reaching (sillage-wise) and brash (think "juniper"); I wear the EDT like pure parfum: tiny dots of scent on pulse points. When it gets very cold here in NY, which it will soon, I can get away with a whole spritz.

2. Creed Spring Flower: My favorite Fruity Floral for many years, it's simply perfect...many have tried to copy the notes but they can only mimic the style without matching its supreme quality (Versace Bright Crystal came close, I thought).

3. Valentino Rock 'n Rose: Finally, I've found a predominantly rose-violet scent that isn't hypersweet and sharp. I love it enough to wear just about every day. It's sweet but clean without being obnoxiously aqueous, and just slightly powdery, but this is not your grandmother's face powder and lipstick. I think there's a bit of fruit in the mix.

4. Dolce & Gabbana The One: I loved it from first sniff; this is a sensual modern peach floral with warm vanilla and just a hint of spice, very peaches-and-cream. It's sexy enough for evening, too.

5. L'Artisan Parfumeur Mûre et Musc Extrême: Here's one of the few musks I can enjoy. It's clean with a slight BO muskiness (this is not typical soapy White Musk)freshened up by dark blackberries that aren't cloyingly sweet and jammy. It's understated, simple and easy to wear.

6. L'Artisan Parfumeur La Chasse aux Papillons: A lovely tuberose blend, linden blossoms make it slightly green and powdery, while citrus freshens it up. This is my idea of a perfect Floral - crisp, good-natured and sweetly feminine.

7. Frederic Fekkai Bouquet de Provence: I hadn't been in the mood for prominent rose in a blend, but this citrus rose is an elite aqueous blend. Sometimes, I just like to smell like clean hair.

8. Monyette perfume oil: I think I'll always love this white floral & nag champa cult favorite. It's tropical (with a twist of India and Southeast Asia...sort of), sweet, distinctive, warm and heady, sensual and divine.

9. Nina Ricci Nina: One of the only patchouli-based scents I can still wear (I'm just oversaturated with the note as of late), this ozonic apple blend somehow garners lots of compliments when I wear it. To me, the ozonic muskiness is evocative of rain over asphalt...or so I imagine. It's very sweet, with caramel notes to embellish the fresh apple note.

10. Cacharel Anaïs Anaïs: I adore this nostalgic, ubiquitous '80s scent (actually, it was launched in 1978 but Gen X knows this scent). Its motif centered around the lily, it smells like cool marble columns and rich, clotted cream (the edible kind, not Pond's). The base notes include Russian leather, but it's not a typical smoky and dry leather scent. The duality is portrayed by how simultaneously innocent and gorgeous it is. It's one of those scents that are so beloved by many, they're timeless.

I've been wearing my own creation, Persephone again, too. To summarize, it's been a fruity season for me (dark berries, peach, apple, citrus) as well as a season to rediscover musks, white florals and woods I enjoy. What will I wear on Oct. 31? That'll depend on my mood du jour, as always.

Happy Halloween!!!