Monday, October 11, 2010

Pearson Constantino - Musician, bicycle advocate, laptop guru

New York based composer, bicycle advocate, drummer, guitar player, laptop musician Pearson Constantino has a new album to be released in December on earSnake Records. You can check out his music at his website:

You can hear and buy more tracks at

Pearson's life as a bicycle advocate has been chronicled by filmmaker Julia Wrona (Ailujon Films). See the trailer here: The Long Bike Back - an inspiring story of pain and perseverance - a film by Julia Wrona

"A crippling hit-and-run accident can't crush the spirit of a remarkable bicyclist, nor end his dream of cycling across America. The Long Bike Back is a work-in-progress documentary film chronicling Pearson Constantino's recovery from catastrophic injuries and his quest to ride across America with his brother Pete to inpire others and spread the message of road sharing. Expected release in 2011."

Image: Pearson & Pete cycling in eastern Wyoming