Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fragrance of the Moment

I came across this 2002 Dior ad with a hidden skull in the imagery. Of course there's only one perfume that such an ad could be designed for. Now, I know this fragrance is controversial for being strong, having been presented in spray form even when the strength of the Esprit de Parfum formulation was pure parfum (and potent at that), but it's not as terrible as its reputation if it's worn discreetly and judiciously. I'm adoring it again after so many years, although this time, I'm discovering it in eau de toilette, a lighter, less labdanum-heavy version. Even this EDT needs to be dabbed with a fingertip in minute amounts, lest it take over the airspace, making everything in its sillage permeate with the unmistakable, instantly recognizable scent of the 1985 bestseller. But what a distinctive, memorable, beautiful fragrance it is: a mysterious, Fauvist dark fruit steeped in aged liqueur is what it smells like to me. Gazing at the gorgeous purple shade of the perfume, I'm also reminded of mulberry wine. Is it cold enough where you are to start pulling out your winter favorites? (Image: Poison by Dior, photographed by Vincent Peters (2002),

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