Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fragrance of the Moment

If you're the "hana yori dango" (food trumps flowers) type as many younger perfumistas tend to be, you might want to check out this delicious scent at the nearest Duane Reade that carries this funky line based in NY. Best known for Kate Moss' favorite "Dirt" and other thoroughly weird fragrance selections such as "Turpentine", "Earthworm", "Rubber", "Mildew", "Play-doh", "Crayon", "Glue" and "Funeral Home", they also do more conventional scents like grass notes, floral notes, fruits, veggies, artificial soft drinks and sweets. Their Jelly Belly line inspired by the jellybean company includes this Pink Manhattan blog fragrance of the moment, Demeter Blueberry Muffin (2007). With a fresh, plump blueberry note combined with some buttery, cakey vanilla, it's a simple, addictive dessert scent for the bath-and-body fragrance lover (and serious perfumistas as well, who revel in the sumptuous goodness of gourmand perfumes). With Demeter Blueberry Muffin, there are no complications, challenges or surprises, just pure enjoyment; you will smell exactly what you expect to smell, elucidating for our sense memory just how Demeter Fragrance Library offers single "experience" fragrances. This is one of their bestsellers, popular with good reason and easy to love. If you like this one, check out my other favorite in the line, Junior Mints (for the mint chocolate chip lover).

What a day on Wall Street this is about to be. Have a great day, all!

Notes according to Fragantica:
Demeter Jelly Belly Blueberry Muffin (2007): blueberry, vanilla, sugar, sweet notes, buttered popcorn

(Image: Blueberry Muffin Star from