Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving from Pink Manhattan!

Image source: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade | A Photo Archive November 26, 2009 by JP - Black Watch

PINK MANHATTAN blog (in association with WUJ Productions) extends our deepest gratitude to all of our regular subscribers and visitors from around the world. A warm and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

MUSIC fans: Please check back for the details of Fred Kimmel's ROCK BAND 101 gig, coming up on Thursday, December 2, to be posted soon. We look forward to seeing you there, and for you to hear all of the brilliant young hopefuls who will be performing at the hippest venue in NYC! In case you missed it, Fred Kimmel "Spiral" is No.1 on Broadjam's Indie Progressive Rock Chart tonight. Fred will perform "Spiral", an awesome, heavy-groovy-odd metered track off of his Space album at the next show.

Also, we apologize that my CD, Sali Oguri Pink Manhattan (EP) has been sold out at CDBaby! I'll post again when it's back in stock ASAP. Thank you for your inquiries and for your patience. In the meantime, please note that Mp3s are available for purchase at Broadjam, home of independent music.

Fragrance lovers: Check back soon for my current Top 10 list, and be sure to catch Pink Manhattan blog in December for my year end list of Top Perfumes of the Decade! Have some fun on your holiday and take an online perfume quiz (don't worry that it's listed as a quiz for "Moms" - I think anyone can take this quiz, including those of us who had to look up Patty Griffin - she's pretty good, right there with Norah Jones and Etta James): Quiz: What Is Your Perfume Personality? -

My Result: Sophisticated Sweetie
You enjoy the sweeter things in life and are truly a romantic at heart. Sweet, mild, and seductive scents make you swoon and you tend to favor perfumes with notes of floral bouquets and single flowers. You should try Romance by Ralph Lauren, Chanel No. 5, or Vera Wang Princess.