Friday, December 17, 2010

Fragrance of the Moment

Well, this is an interesting scent, unique and hard to describe; at first sniff, Tom Ford Grey Vetiver reminded me of Creed Love in White, because of the combination of a cool, milky consistency with a glue-like modern synthetic aroma (this is not a sweet fragrance, in case you were worried). It is a soft fragrance (that doesn't mean you need to spritz this on 5 times before you walk out of a Sephora, gentlemen - once will do), definitely not one of those Men's fragrances that flex its muscles in the mirror and scream manly Fougère (the other Tom Ford for Men is a stronger fragrance, closer to that classic "Polo" smell - although it, too, is a well-composed fragrance). Well-mannered and tailored to luxurious senses, vetiver has never smelled so soft-spoken and genteel. I'd wear this one, and plan to test it again soon.