Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Season's Greetings from Pink Manhattan!

R.C.A. Building, Rockefeller Center at Night poster, image source: mortgagecalculator.org

Merry Christmas, Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Kwanzaa, *~HAPPY HOLIDAYS~* ! I have a one track mind lately, and by that, I mean gorging myself on French vanilla macarons...that, and a fragrant delight worthy of spiritual offering: Sandalwood, sandalwood, sandalwood - preferably natural, and Indian! Now that winter is officially here, with temperatures in New York City dipping into the low 20s F, I'm out of my predominantly fruity phase and onto Floral Woody (Floral Oriental) fragrances, preferably with true, rich sandalwood in the base, and a luxurious, sophisticated heart of jasmine and/or other white florals classically married to rose. Of course I'm describing Creed Jasmin Impératrice Eugénie, my absolute favorite at the moment, possibly of all time. I just might turn into a signature scentist after all. The Queen of classic white florals, Caron Narcisse Noir parfum, is currently the only close second (and occasionally number one - I don't think Empress JIE minds, for the two 'friendly rival Woody White Florals' share warm and enveloping sandalwood base notes with exquisitely full hearts of pure olfactive liquid gold).

I don't know if you were with me during the Creed fragrance layering trend of this decade, but Creed was one of the forerunners of this trend. I had written a post about their "Spring Fling" which I learned at the Creed boutique was a blend of Spring Flower with Fleurissimo. Another blend that was recommended to me was Spring Flower with Jasmin Impératrice Eugénie, although I did not catch its name. Although I enjoy Creed fragrances on their own, it's great to have these fragrances on hand, so I could have fun experimenting with the blends that work best for me on any given day. If full size bottles are out of your current budget, generously sized samples are available for purchase at the online Creed boutique as well as through various other sources the heavyweight perfumistas already know about.

I come to this post bearing a gift - I am about to share with you something wonderful that was brought to me about 3 years ago via an anonymous Pink Manhattan blog reader whom I refer to as "my Creed angel". If you're as much a Creed fan as I am, I think you'll flip over this list of Olivier Creed's fragrance layering blends. It's more fun to share, so, once again, Happy Holidays with Love from Pink Manhattan. See you soon, when I finally unveil the 2010 Countdown of my December Top 10 plus Top Favorite Perfumes of the Decade.

Anonymous: "These blends come from Oliver himself and were decanted at the Creed store in Paris. Enjoy."

Royal Blend = RW+MI (or SMW)
Enigmatic Blend = New Tab+MI (or RW)
The Smart Blend = Fluerissimo+GIT
Crystal Blend = RW+ Bois de Cedrat (or MI)
Oceanic Breeze = Erolfa + Neroli Sauvage
Elixer of Youth = Orange Spice+RW+MI
Sensual Water = Chevrefeuille+MI
Blend of Seduction = Acier Aluminum+Neroli Sauvage+ZMP
Majestical Water = MI+BdP
Sunshine Blend = Spring Flower + SMW
Divine Blend= Fantasia de Fleurs + Fleurissimo
Blend of Love = SF +MI
Innocent Blend= SF+MI+SMW
Noble Blend = Vintage Tab + Citrus Bigarade
Scent of Style = RW+SF (or MI)
Magical Scent = GIT+SMW+ZMP
Cocktail of Passion = Erolfa+BdP
Capture by Desire = New Tab+MI+Green Valley
The Love Affair Blend =FdF+Tuberose Indiana+MI
Secret of Immortality = BdP+Selection Verte
The Blend of Success = GV+GIT+Vintage Tab
Blend of Magnetic Forces = ZMP+NS+RW
The Royal Iberian = BdP+REL+GIT
and an unnamed blend that is just amazingly deep and rich = Fleur de the Rose Bulgarie +Vintage Tabarome.

(Image: Rockefeller Center Angel, thingsdeco.com)