Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fragrance of the Moment

Oh, my, this is pretty, pretty, pretty! ♥ I wish I hadn't missed this launch in 2010, but because the first "Scent" didn't knock me out, I didn't think of seeking out its flanker. This is such a love-at-first-sniff Floral, up there with Creed Spring Flower, Jean Patou Un Amour de Patou, all of my favorite timeless floral bouquets with gentle watercolor touches of soft fruits and fresh greens. Issey Miyake A Scent Eau de Parfum Florale has notes of jasmine, rose, peony, hyacinth, ylang ylang and galbanum. It is a Green Floral, but not as sharp and astringently soapy as you might expect; it has just enough sweetness underneath the dry, clean (but not laundry detergentesque - still wearable at the office) modern floralcy that brings to my mind a cross between, say, the flirty, nature-oriented evanescence of L'Artisan Parfumeur La Chasse aux Papillons with the sprightly, streamlined modernity of Burberry Sport.

Like Burberry Sport which is more citric and tropical in character but a new generation of Floral nonetheless, A Scent Florale dries down to a musky (but not overwhelmingly so), woody finish, with that wonderful new musk (!), muted in sillage, without a tinge of animalic tone that turns a polite garden floral into a sweaty boudoir fragrance. Brimming with lightness and hope, this is a scent that will take you places. Fans of Pierre Balmain Vent Vert, Chanel No.19, Floris Seringa, Elizabeth Arden Pretty, Clinique Happy, Perry Ellis or Alfred Sung might find a new, lively (yes, youthful) alternative in this fabulous offering by the designer fragrance house that gave us the iconic L'Eau d'Issey. Come spring, I want to waft in this understated beauty in a minimalist bottle, presented in a classy peachy hue reminiscent of the forever-feminine Chanel Allure and Marc Jacobs Blush.

There have been a number of lovely flankers with the name "Florale" (or "Fleur") attached (Kenzo and Dior come to mind), but Issey Miyake is probably my most favorite Florale of all. Then again, it could just be my current mood; if the others smelled more like oranges, A Scent Florale, because of the peony note, smells more like an apple.