Saturday, March 05, 2011

Gucci Guilty

2011 seems to be *the* year of perfume discoveries for me. I've fallen for another fragrance that is sure to become my signature along with Cartier L'Heure Mystérieuse...For those of you wondering how I could turn into a patchouli fanatic, I would say these perfumes are light on the patchouli, and come across as Floral Oriental (Floral-Ambery) more so than Woody Oriental. Still, it's funny how fruitchouli fever has finally caught onto me big time.

In this fabulous 2010 offering by Gucci, the lilacs really add a special, almost vintage touch to the woody-ambery notes, while peach adds dewy softness. This may sound strange, but to me, this perfume is almost a meeting of my own two indie fragrance creations, Pink Manhattan and Persephone: the former featured peach, and the latter ambery woods with purple flowers which included a lilac-hyacinth-magnolia accord. With a dash of pink pepper, Gucci Guilty stands on its own as a unique combination of fruits, flowers, spices and warm, ambery woods finishing on a contemporary White Musk dry down. If Guilty is supposed to smell dangerous, it's a danger of the forbidden fruit or sinful chocolate kind, as decadent for the gourmand-seeking soul as the blingy gold bottle bearing the classic Gucci logo.

I believe Gucci Guilty is the best launch since Gucci Rush, one of the most unique blockbuster hits by the house that's as well-known for their perfumes as for their designer fashion (vintage lovers should seek out their Gucci No.1, a stunning 1974 Chypre (Perfume Intelligence lists it as Aldehydic Floral), if you can find it). If you love sweet gourmand Orientals but need a grand floral arrangement to add some class to the presentation, this scent will give you the entire banquet table, complete with a live band and DJ. On a side note, Evan Rachel Wood who models in the Gucci Guilty ad, is known for her love of Benefit Maybe Baby, a peach with white floral combination, linking her persona to the peach-hued (pink gold) images of the campaign as well as to the peachiness of the glamorous, sensual fragrance.