Saturday, April 30, 2011

In Their Own Words – I Have Autism

This “In Their Own Words” essay is written by Tonya Procor, a loving mother of a son with autism.

"I have autism. I hold only a few similarities to the character in “Rain Man.” When I am out on the playground, never say to my mother, “I would have never guessed that; he looks so normal”. The face of autism is not a defined one.

"I have autism. This does not mean I am deaf, nor does it mean I can’t understand your words. When cruel things are said, it hurts just like it would anyone else. Sometimes even more, as I am very sensitive.

"I have autism. I am not blind. When you stare at me, point, and whisper – I don’t like it. I sometimes cannot control my emotions; however, I still can see you."

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