Sunday, May 08, 2011

Kaile Goh - Gold

Kaile Goh - Gold - Lyrics

Kaile Goh - Gold (acoustic) ft. Paul Dateh & Ken Belcher

Check her out - this 15-year-old beauty can sing! From Kaile Goh's Facebook Page: "For as long as she could remember, 15 year old Kaile Goh has had dreams of becoming a professional singer/songwriter. Born to a Chinese father and an American mother, Kaile lived in Singapore until she was 5 years old. Upon moving to LA, Kaile was signed to Ford Modeling Agency and Abrams Artists commercial division, where she has booked major campaigns for Target, Disney,Sony, Kodak, Bratz and many more.

"However, Kaile's passion has always been music.

"She began singing, writing songs, and playing guitar at the age of nine, and used her own money earned from modeling to buy her Gibson Hummingbird guitar, the guitar she still uses to write all of her songs." Visit Kaile Goh