Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Fragrance of the Moment

So this is what everybody around me's been wearing! It's a nice scent on others, as it smells mostly like a light, citric passion fruit. I'll tell you what the genius of Victoria's Secret was: The top notes sell this fragrance from first sniff. Remember, top notes (the high-pitched ones that evaporate the fastest) are the notes most people get hooked by when they first smell a fragrance. I was once part of an impromptu experiment held at a spa in Manhattan - I was doing Japanese TV reporting from a spa with their own fragranced bath and body line, most of them simple but pleasant blends of two harmonious notes. A group of us (10 people) were asked to smell one of these fragrances when the spa owner spritzed the air. We were asked to guess what we were smelling. 9 out of 10 people said they smelled grapefruit. 1 person said she smelled peach. I was the 1 in 10 who smelled the lower pitched note, the peach. The fragrance was a grapefruit and peach blend. The owner said that more developed noses smell base notes that others miss.

The genius of VS is that the top notes in Bombshell are none other than pink grapefruit, the note that put their best-selling fragrance, PINK, on the map. VS PINK is still very popular in New York, the next urban citrus favorite after Annick Goutal Eau d'Hadrien. BOMBSHELL takes this popular pink grapefruit hook and adds sweet, sensual heart and base notes, plus a semi-annoying (to me) musk that reminds me of Bond No.9 Scent of Peace and Avril Lavigne at once. I should add here, too, that the musk I smell is a blend of musks, some of which are dry and clean laundryesque (not a scent I can take in very large doses). I guess the skin musk accord in Marc Jacobs isn't far off, either. So, there ya go: it's musky, pink grapefruity and watery (peony, or transparent floral) - passion fruity - discreetly vanillic although the vanilla is smothered in musk, a bit reminiscent of another best-seller, VS Heavenly (the lemon-vanillic musky, baby oily powdery one with a slight aftershavey note).