Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Roses, Chypre and Neocons

I'm glad to see changes all around me, from the fall of puppet dictatorships in the Middle East to Dior replacing Galliano. I hope by now, that we've seen the full gamut of the neocon timewarp (back to the New Look and all that entails) with the emergence of chypre perfumes back into the mainstream, something that hasn't happened since the 1950s and 1970s. Perhaps someone is hoping this will spark another Futurism wave - since we've entered the Space Age and all. The people who have been touting the CHYPRE for the past decade as being the best perfume genre are basically like Nazis trying to persuade the German people that the best civilizations to aspire to were Roman and Greek (and Egyptian if you want to sell them on the luxury of having slaves on top of everything else), which I suppose worked well for Hitler, but probably won't work too well now if the goal is to dominate the beauty and fashion world, a world that is now much more sophisticated and holistically understood, thanks to social media. I love perfume, and I love chypre perfumes. But the great historical Chypre is, like Odinism to white supremacists, just another narrative that serves racists' egos when they talk about their superior taste which, in the minds of racists, must be due to DNA (and the lack of taste in others is DNA based as well, according to such theory). Unfortunately, all this vintage glamour they're simultaneously trying to bring back is about as subversive as Isaacs spelled backwards, as hip as Y&T in 1984 with their obscure European hit, "Lipstick and Leather", as helpful as Canadian singer Thor's PSA commercial to brush your teeth if, like Thor, you want to use them with which to bend steel. They want me to smell the roses, but these roses stink.

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(Image: dlr4553 brings us a rare treat; a feminine Incendia piece! Rosy Outlook looks like a futuristic rose garden humming with floating sprinklers on a sweetly blushing summer morning. (Featured by DragonWinter on Deviantart))