Friday, September 02, 2011

Basenotes: Betsey Johnson Too Too - New York Launch Party

"When I hear Betsey Johnson's name, I can't help but feel all the nostalgia of being a girl growing up in New York. I remember passing by Betsey Johnson's Upper East Side boutique on those special occasions I met with my friends in Manhattan for a Serendipity frozen hot chocolate. I always loved her funky, legendary rock 'n roll style - my favorite designs are probably the ones worn by Edie Sedgwick in Ciao! Manhattan (1972). Body-conscious and ready for movement, perhaps the love of dance is what inspires her creations. I remembered, too, that once you've danced, you can't help but trace over those steps your body won't forget."

NEW YORK - Photos by Sali Oguri: Ballerinas from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy at MILK Studios for a fragrance launch party for Betsey Johnson TOO TOO (2011). Read the article on Basenotes: Betsey Johnson Too Too - New York Launch Party, 02 September, 2011